Corporate Social Responsibility

UMS has more than 70 million users worldwide in countries ranging from well-developed industrial countries to underprivileged countries in need of support from the world. The company has a profound wish to reinforce its culture by being a responsible corporation. UMS desires to help by giving each employee the chance to make a positive difference at work. With cooperation from all our employees, UMS has chosen to prioritise an important cause that is in unison believed in by supporting the education of underprivileged girls in India.

UMS also seeks to collaborate with UNISDR and other global partners towards countries with urgent needs and struggling economies. In addition, the company strongly support initiatives in Latin America. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is at the core of our company culture and directs our future progress. To further support helpful causes, our employees are encouraged to volunteer to their institution of choice for two days a year.

UMS is a company that develops and delivers solutions with a wish to reach people when it matters most to make people safer. CSR initiatives stand very close to this and UMS continuously looks for good projects to support. The company wishes to engage customers, partners and of course their own employees in these initiatives.