Management Board


Espen GylvikEspen Gylvik

Chief Executive Officer
Before joining UMS in 2014, Espen worked as Vice President in Telia Sonera, as Chief Operating Officer Norway and Regional Director Central & Eastern Europe for Microsoft and as Senior Vice President for EVRY. He has worked in the technology industry for 20 years, and has a Bachelor of Management and Finance degree and a Master’s degree in Psychology.


Morten GustavsenMGustavsen2

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Morten has worked in UMS since 2005, and has previously held various leading positions in the technology industry, including the position as Chief Executive Officer for SuperOffice, Norway. Altogether, he has 20 years of experience from the industry, and has a Bachelor of Economics and Management degree.

SundarSundara Rajan Subramoniam

Chief Technology Officer
Sundar has a Bachelor’s degree in Technology and has 20 years of experience working on product development in Europe, Asia and North America with companies like General Electric, Infosys and Oracle. He is responsible for Product Development, Product Management, Customer Support and Project Execution.


Morten SeliussenMSeliussen

VP Mobile Technology & Innovation
Morten has a Master’s of Science in Electronics and Radio communications and is responsible for innovation and new developments in UMS. He has been working in the Telecommunications business for almost 20 years, among others, in the Telenor group he was responsible for planning mobile networks. He was also one of the founders of UMS’s partner CellVision. Morten has extensive experience with location based technology and public warning systems.

Anand Anupam

Head of Product Sales
Anand is responsible for the worldwide expansion of UMS, through direct sales and reputed partner networks. Previously, he helped set up UMS India operations. Prior to joining the company, Anand was the Founder and CEO of a healthcare technology company in India. He has also worked across the globe in strategy, business development and marketing roles. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications engineering.


Helene Marwell-HaugeHMH

Head of Marketing and Communication
Helene has a Bachelor of Management and a Master’s of Business Administration degree. She has worked within sales and marketing in leading companies like L’Orèal, Orkla Foods and Mondelez before joining UMS in 2015. Helene is responsible for all marketing activities worldwide for the company as well as public relations.