Why Innovation?

Why is innovation important to us?
First of all innovation is needed for any successful company. UMS’ core business is to develop and provide solutions that use public infrastructure for critical alert purposes such as through public mobile networks. UMS has been an early mover in this industry, which makes completely different demands to the networks compared to ordinary use. It would be irresponsible to ignore these demands. UMS has been developing technology and methodology to enable the high usage of public networks for alerting whilst avoiding congestion and providing secure message dissemination; this has been challenging but has played a vital role in our innovative efforts.

A great need from a societal perspective is to enhance the methods of alerting civilians. Traditional alert methods have difficulty handling complex scenarios that we have today. New and targeted alert methods enable civilians to proactively react to unexpected incidents. It is stated that alert and correct information is just as important as water and food during critical hazards. In order to deliver such information we must be able reach citizens through any available channel, which requires continuous innovation.

Communication technology and its usage has rapidly changed during the last 10 years, new channels and applications have appeared while others that had existed for decades have disappeared. It is important to be able to adapt to all new and upcoming technologies that will be used; this diversity opens up a combination of opportunities and challenges that can only be handled by an innovative approach.

Innovation is an important part of UMS strategy and has been since the beginning. Our multiple patents and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) strategy prove our dedication towards continuous and progressive innovation.