SOS Alarm Sverige

UMS delivers the world’s largest installation for emergency and security.


Client use case SwedenSOS Alarm Sverige AB was founded in 1973 to establish an unbroken alarm chain where the state, counties and municipalities, efficiently could cooperate for emergency services within one organisation. SOS Alarm operates in a corporate form is jointly owned by the Swedish State and by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and regions. The mandate given by the State to SOS Alarm, as its primary mission, is to respond to all calls to the national emergency number 112, and to be a part of emergency preparedness. The assignment includes responding to all calls to the emergency number. By communicating with the caller, an assessment of the situation is made to help the person reach the appropriate instance. Annually SOS Alarm receives about 3,300,000 calls to 112: these calls include but are not limited to emergency medical care, traffic accidents, burglaries and fires.

Sweden has taken it one step further and together with UMS, the Swedish Government has launched a comprehensive national emergency warning system, which can alert all or specified groups of citizens at home or abroad, based on various selection criteria. The system will also ensure that emergency operations can be coordinated in the most effective and optimal manner.

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