The robust UMS Alert platform has been designed to meet the needs of our emergency customers around the globe for the last 20 years. In addition to multiple channels, rich functionality and two-way messaging, there are other important factors one has to consider. System and data security, stability, performance, redundancy, up-time guarantee, upgrades, handling large databases, message delivery output and network control are all of paramount importance when taking a mass notification platform into use.


The UMS Alert system has in-built redundancy at multiple levels to ensure the highest availability. Furthering this, we provide additional redundancy on our voice servers across multiple locations.

Voice Server Setup
We have a dedicated voice setup and integration that gives us full control over the voice alerts being sent as well as the ability to prioritise alerts.

Knowledge Application
We are able to apply the best practice of managing emergency warnings from clients across multiple countries to ensure that all our customers benefit from each other’s knowledge.

Congestion control 
We use patented technologies to ensure that large number of alert messages can be handled by telecommunication networks without congesting voice and SMS networks.

Scalability is achieved in both the capacity to send alerts and the ability to add more users without affecting the performance of the system.

Ease of Use 
The system has been deliberately kept simple and easy to use, making it reliably quick to learn.

Web Services
We provide web-based integration to send alerts and receive alert statuses easily and efficiently.

We use redundant configurations and additional capacity to ensure the highest levels of availability needed to match the demands of our expanding customer base.

We provide 24/7 on call support to ensure that we are available any time to support our customers.