Who do we serve?

Having over 20 years of technical experience providing services to large corporations and public authorities (including Councils and the Police), UMS UK specialises in providing efficient IT Communication solutions not limited to the following industries:

Who are we?

Based in the heart of MediaCityUK, our honest and friendly team on the 18th Floor is always working hard to provide the best systems for our clients. Cyber Essentials certified, our platforms are reliable and secure; perfectly suitable for police forces and councils from which their satisfaction and direct recommendations is constantly growing our client portfolio. Currently, our pace of success is thriving with over 2,000 people trained to use our systems and more than 1,000,000 citizens registered to receive multi-channel notifications in the UK. To keep up with the demand we are continuing to recruit new talents to maintain our high quality service.


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Unified Messaging Systems Ltd, Suite 18.5 18th Floor, Blue Tower, MediaCityUK, Salford, M50 2ST.


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Customer story: Essex Police Community Messaging

Case study Essex Police Community Messaging

UMS delivers its first community messaging system in the UK; Essex Community Messaging. Essex Police force supports the largest population in the East of England. Read more

“Essex Community Messaging will get key crime and crime prevention information out to communities faster than ever before. It will also improve the two-way flow of information about community safety between Essex Police, neighbourhood and other watch groups, and the people of Essex”.
– Nick Alston, Police and Crime, Commissioner for Essex

Customer story: Dee Valley Water

Dee Valley WaterWith UMS address based alerting system, Dee Valley Water have found a way to transition from traditional forms of communicating service outages to a modern way of communicating with their customers. This new system has immediately seen a benefit in customer satisfaction and resulted in less unwanted calls taken by call centres.

The usage of the system has become a natural part of Dee Valley Water’s daily routine contributing to the bettering of their regulated service score. Providing notifications and updates promptly for all service disruptions on a regular basis, significantly reduces the amount of phone enquiries. This is a perfect example of customer service at its best. Read more.