Population Alert

Both natural and manmade disasters are occurring with increased frequency across the world and our technological advancements are imperative to prevent significant damage and casualties. One of the most crucial aspects of disaster management is to make relevant information available at the right time to help people react quickly in affected areas and avoid potential threats. 

Equally as important is the UMS Group Alert System for a seamless flow of information between emergency responders for efficient rescue operations. Through the utilisation of the most effective alert channels, the UMS Population Alert System can encompass and inform a vast number of recipients within an affected area in just a few seconds: reaching people when it matters most.

UMS Population Alert System can deliver multi-channel alerts for various disaster scenarios – both natural and man-made. Alert templates can be easily defined and kept ready for instantaneous broadcast during emergencies, when every second counts. The system can be easily accessed using a web browser by various disaster management agencies and departments.

UMS Population Alert