Innovation is essential for UMS and the company is eager to gather the most creative, result-oriented and trustworthy people. We work continuously to be an attractive workplace, which recruits sensibly, provides opportunities for careers and develops and retains motivated and competent employees.

An important part of UMS’ foundation is its human resources and the company values those who enhances the company’s expertise and creates a motivating work environment that generates results. Equally important is personality and values, which must match the company's values;

  • Innovative,
  • Reliable,
  • Passionate,
  • Honest 
  • Collaborative

Our company wishes to be the best and facilitates good and customized employee training within all departments.

We are a medium-sized company in Norway, and have offices in Oslo, Bergen and Sandnes. The company has personnel from different nations like India, Luxembourg, France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. In addition, the company has offices and partners in several countries like India, USA, Germany, UK, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

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