Latin American Initiatives

There are various humanitarian challenges in Latin America. UMS is present in the region and committed to aiding several charitable campaigns. Working closely with humanitarian organizations to help is part of our company culture and is closely linked with what we work towards developing: granting the right tools to save lives.

Clean water in Mexico

In 2013, when Hurricane Ingrid and Hurricane Manuel both hit the state of Guerrero in Mexico at the same time, UMS contributed human resources to affected communities and was one of the economical donators for the purchase and distribution of water filters. Our company served as the link between non-governmental organizations that worked together to make humanitarian aid campaigns a reality.

UMS participated first hand in the distribution of water filters to affected families after the disaster. The company served as an interpreter and communicated with the villages’ inhabitants with instructions on how to use and maintain water filters for future years.

During this operation when we worked to provide food, water and water filters to villagers, a bridge was torn by the storm. All aid supplies were trapped at the other side of the river beyond strong currents. In order to pass the goods from one side of the river to the other, our company initiated a chain of more than 150 people in order to move the supplies.

UMS - an Everbridge Company, has established strong bonds with these two important non-governmental organisations:

CADENA from Mexico is a non-profit association, which engages in emergency assistance and disaster relief by bringing aid directly to people in need.

Waves For Water works on the front-line to provide clean water to vulnerable communities around the world. They have an easy to understand mission: to get clean water to every single person who needs it. They work with world leaders and strategic partners towards making global change.

UMS has developed innovative solar inflatable lights for usage during emergencies. This invention allows for affected communities to have enough light for cooking, reading and other activities in areas where electricity is not available through harnessing the energy of the sun. The solar light is weather resistant and therefore easy to use in all situations.

Affected families were given solar lights during the campaign for clean water in Mexico after the hurricanes in 2013. In addition, they are distributed by CADENA and were also used during their humanitarian work in both Nepal and Haiti after the crises.

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