Nanhi Kali

UMS is characterized by a considerable amount of international influence and several employees originate from India. With support from the employees, our company, has chosen to prioritize an important cause, the Indian project Nanhi Kali, which supports the education of underprivileged girls.

Employees are also encouraged to support this project individually. Together UMS and its employees want to make a difference.

Project Nanhi Kali is devoted to transforming the lives of disadvantaged young girls in India by ensuring them the right to education. Behind this project is a strong belief that empowering girls with a good education will positively impact families, communities and ultimately India in the long term. With assistance from individuals and corporate partners like our company, Nanhi Kali currently provides academic education and material support to over 100,000 underprivileged young girls in India.

The main objective of the project is to ensure that girls from lower socio-economic levels who do not have access to good schools, can complete 10 years of schooling and attain grade specific competency levels. With poverty and limited opportunities being a part of everyday life, basic education is vital to improve the quality of life for many of these girls.

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