Vision & Mission

UMS - an Everbridge Company, has a vision that sets the direction for the company as whole; it is a united goal which gives a clear idea of what the company stands for.

The focus has always been future-oriented and the mission highlights what is done every day in order to reach the company vision.

The company has emphasized five key values which are used actively in our daily work. The goal is to actively follow these values to constantly be a targeted and innovative company with development and engagement in focus. How all employees act together will determine the success.

Vision & Mission


World leading provider of citizen communication and public warning


Provide innovative communication solutions to make a significant difference in people’s lives


  • Keep promises and commitment towards all stakeholders
  • Accuracy
  • Have the right momentum
  • Precise communication to achieve trust
  • Accountable
  • Curious – always ask why
  • Simplicity not complexity
  • Keep an open mind to new ideas
  • Focus on achieving great results
  • Recognition of innovators – both in success and failure
  • Desire to make a difference
  • Be inspired and inspire those around you
  • Tenacity – be determined
  • We do not compromise when it comes to our integrity
  • Be fair and objective
  • Willing to admit and correct mistakes
  • Courage – speak your mind
  • Respectful and inclusive
  • Learn from each other as we strive for excellence
  • Communication – be responsive to all stakeholders
  • Selflessness – company first

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