Location Based Alerting at the GE Healthcare plant

GE Healthcare, one of world’s leading digital industry companies, employs over 2000 people in Norway across multiple industries. The GE Healthcare plant in Lindesnes supplies the global market with the basic components for X-rays and MR, known as “contrast media”. The plant was established in 1974 and is now a modern factory facility with several hundred employees.

Dealing with chemicals exposes the facility to industrial risks like leakages and fire. This is not only dangerous to the employees working in the plant, but also to the residents living around it or anyone moving near the plant, should an unlikely accident ever occur.

The Lindesnes lighthouse is on the southern tip of mainland Norway and attracts over 100,000 visitors every year. The safety of these tourists who pass by the factory must also be considered while preparing for plant safety. While it is easier to warn employees whose contact information is known, identifying the people moving and living near the plant poses a challenge.

The Location Based Alerting System combines advanced location technology with the simplicity of an SMS alert to reach people when it matters most.

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