New App can save hundreds of lives

New App developed in Norway can save hundreds of Swedish lives a year

Press release: Norwegian based technology company, UMS, in cooperation with the HLR-council of Sweden has developed and implemented a new smartphone-app for the Swedish market. The application makes it possible for volunteer life savers in the area where there is a sudden cardiac arrest, to be alarmed to find the closest defilibrator for them to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The App is a further development of the prosperous Swedish project ”SMSlivräddare” (SMSLifesaver), where 13,000 volunteer lifesavers in the Stockholm area have the possibility to save lives when there is a cardiac arrest in their area. Their mobiles alarms them when there is an emergency to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and then their new App receives instructions about where the nearest defibrillator can be retrieved.

The first evaluation of the project showed that the proportion of patients who got help by CPR increased by 30% when SMS-alarms were used. The result was recently published in the world’s leading medical journal; New England Journal of Medicine.

“Many more lives can be saved if more of the thousands of defibrillator are used when there is a cardiac arrest. The development of smart phones with GPS-techniques and new map functions, where the closest defibrillator is shown will lead to that considerably more patients get help quicker with the use of a defibrillator”, says Mattias Ringh, cardiologist and researcher at Karolinska Institute.

Today there are many thousands of defibrillators in Norway, and there is an urgent need to get a complete overview of where all defibrillators are located at any time, much like the Swedish authorities have done. In order for the mobile app to also work in Norway, the authorities must facilitate such an overview. We believe this smartphone app would also contribute to saving Norwegian lives and hope to implement it throughout Norway.


Facts about cardiac arrest in Sweden


Facts about the CPR-council in Sweden

The goal of the council is to save lives though the optimal management of people suffering from cardiac arrest in Sweden and to support research in the area. It will be achieved by:

The Council replaced the Swedish radiologist association more than 10 years ago and started their efforts to build up the organisation in the early 80s.


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