New information system for Essex residents

UMS is proud to announce the launch of the Essex Community Messaging system. The system helps Essex Police and its partners to communicate more efficiently to the public via email, text or voice messaging. The Essex Community Messaging system was developed by UMS with full consideration of the needs expressed by Essex Police and its affiliated parties such as the Neighbourhood Watch.

Essex Community Messaging (ECM) gives everyone who signs up the chance to receive crime notifications and crime prevention advice via email, text or voice message from Essex Police officers, Essex Watch liaison officers and other partners including Neighbourhood Watch.

Free of charge and specifically designed for Essex, the system is jointly funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner and money seized from criminals under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The system includes a public registration feature that enables the residents to sign up for specific subjects that relates to them. It gives you the option to select the information you do and don’t want to receive, including issues you might have a particular interest in and will be used to alert you to crime trends where you live, ask for your help in the search for vulnerable missing people and encourage you and your neighbours to report suspicious activity to us.

Nick Alston, Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex, said: “Essex Community Messaging will get key crime and crime prevention information out to communities faster than ever before. It will also improve the two-way flow of information about community safety between Essex Police, Neighbourhood and other Watch groups, and the people of Essex.

“We need to help communities join Essex Police in the fight against crime. Whether it’s through reporting suspicious behaviour or learning about simple measures to take to prevent crime, ECM will provide a crucial new channel for keeping our communities safe. I urge everyone to register now for ECM.”

Chief Supt Luke Collison, ECM project, added: “I’m convinced that Essex Community Messaging will significantly enhance the quality of communication between Essex Police, key partners and the communities that we serve. I look forward to seeing ECM grow and develop over the coming months, as more and more people who live or work in our county sign up.”

Alan Johnson, Chair of the Essex County Neighbourhood Watch Association, said: “We’re delighted that we now have a brand new messaging system, and look forward to improving our ability to help Essex Police reduce the level of crime across our county.”

Whether it’s alerting a community to a specific developing crime trend in their area, involving local people in the search for a vulnerable missing person, or encouraging the reporting of suspicious behaviour, ECM will transform the speed and effectiveness of communication across Essex.

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