Swedish Authorities strengthen their emergency preparedness

People will receive SMS alerts during crises

Going forward, residents and visitors in Sweden will receive SMS notifications on their mobile phones if they reside within an area where sudden events such as fire, extreme weather or a terror attack occur. All mobile operators in Sweden can now send location-based SMS alerts provided by UMS with an "Important Message to the Public" (VMA) from SOS Alarm. With this Sweden becomes the first Nordic country to set up a complete national alert solution via SMS.

- The mobile phone is a very important tool for reaching the population and for providing important information about how to act during major accidents and other severe events. It is a welcome news that all mobile operators are now connected to this service, which is an important part of strengthening Swedish crisis preparedness and creating a safer Sweden for all,

says Kenny Lorentzon, Head of Emergency Response Department at SOS Alarm.

Location Based Alert System (LBAS), is a solution that allows authorities to alert people in a specific geographic area in a quick and efficient manner. All mobile phones located within the defined area are notified using location information from the mobile network without having to do any configurations or app downloads to receive the messages. LBAS makes real-time dynamic alerting a reality.

- A national warning solution that has now been implemented in Sweden entails a significant modernization of emergency preparedness services. In 2018, the mobile phone is the first channel most people turn to when searching for information. SMS notification is precise, time saving and will help save both life and property,

says Espen Gylvik, CEO of Unified Messaging Systems.

There is currently no national alerting solution in place in the other Nordic countries, but several major Norwegian municipalities have already implemented the system.

About location based “VMA”-messages

Following a change of law on July 1, 2017, SOS Alarm now has the possibility to send SMS alerts to anyone who resides in a particular geographic area. Previously, Sweden only had the opportunity to send alerts to mobile phones registered for alerting services within the affected area. When mobile operators communicate which mobile phones that are connected to which cell tower, data can be used to send SMS directly to mobile phones within a specific area.
SOS Alarm does not store data from mobile operators and the information transmitted cannot be used in other contexts.

About SOS Alarm

SOS Alarm Sweden AB is a Swedish publicly owned limited company operating the 112 (911) emergency number in Sweden. The company is owned by equal parts of the Swedish state and the Swedish municipalities and county councils.

About UMS, an Everbridge Company

The system is delivered by UMS AS (Unified Messaging Systems), an Everbridge Company based out of Oslo with international operations. The company has more than 1,200 customers worldwide reaching over 500 million people with our systems for public notifications. UMS was founded in 1998 and is established as an industry leader within the area of critical communication and population alerting systems with more national alerting systems in the world than any other entity.

For more information please contact:

Espen GylvikEspen Gylvik

E-mail: egy@ums.no
Mobile: +47 913 30 644

Helene Marwell-Hauge

Head of Marketing & Communication
E-mail: hmh@ums.no
Mobile: +47 932 51 212

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