Unified Messaging Systems becomes part of Everbridge

Everbridge strengthens its position as a leading player in the world market with UMS's unique Population Alerting Systems

Everbridge, the global leader in critical event management and enterprise safety software applications to help keep people safe and businesses running faster, has completed its acquisition of Unified Messaging Systems (UMS).

“We are thrilled to welcome UMS to the Everbridge family, accelerating our international growth and creating the most comprehensive Critical Event Management platform for business, state and local government, and now entire countries. UMS provides Everbridge with a passionate and customer-focused team of experts, differentiated technology, and a shared mission to keep people safe and businesses running during a critical event»,

said Jaime Ellertson, CEO of Everbridge.

Everbridge, is a global software company that provides enterprise software applications that automate and accelerate organizations’ operational response to critical events in order to keep people safe and businesses running faster. The company has global customers such as Microsoft, Roche and Ericsson in addition to public companies and government agencies. Everbridge Inc. is listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market (NASDAQ: EVBG)

Together, Everbridge and UMS form the industry’s largest team with now over 700 employees around the world dedicated to delivering innovative, differentiated solutions for critical event management. The collective entity expands Everbridge’s international expertise in business continuity, emergency response, and critical event planning, while providing UMS customers access to Everbridge’s Critical Event Management platform for improved messaging scale and delivery across the world.

“Everbridge’s extensive technical capabilities, the breadth of its offerings, and the experience of its
global team made for a natural fit with UMS. We look forward to aligning with the market leader to provide critical services and innovative communication solutions to make a significant difference in people’s lives»,

said Espen Gylvik, Chief Executive Officer, UMS.  

UMS’s Population Alerting System provides 2-way SMS broadcast capabilities to an entire mobile population. The system also includes Location-Based Alerting technology where all mobile phones in a specific chosen area can be alerted in a quick and efficient manner using location information from mobile networks.

UMS's various population alert solutions are used by authorities in several countries, including Sweden, the Netherlands, the Bahamas, Singapore, Greece, Cambodia and in coastal states of India to name a few. The system can also give authorities the opportunity to reach their own national travellers in a particular region or country in a critical situation.

As one of the leading mass notification providers internationally, UMS significantly increases Everbridge’s international reach. UMS has more than 1,200 customers worldwide reaching over 500 million people globally via population alerting. Its crisis and emergency management product Previstar is used for planning and resource management purposes by major public safety agencies in USA and India. Previstar will considerably enhance Everbridge’s crisis management capabilities.

The acquisition values the total share capital of UMS at approximately NOK 268 million, or approximately USD $33.6 million.


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