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Dear reader,

Welcome to the new website of UMS

In this very first UMS blog post I would like to share with you some exciting news about our organization. Recently we have revitalised the look and feel of our company. We have made a revamp of our visual identity and have created a new company profile and logo. While significant changes have been made, we did not want to modify our logo beyond recognition. Our history is important to us and our logo symbol is a huge part of our past, and consequently the shape has not transformed all that much.

The changes made to our company colours are far greater and have been altered in keeping with our company values and mission. The dark blue colour signals our endeavour to be a trusted, reliable and responsible partner, both for our clients and for our business associates. The colour purple is equally important as it strengthens our identity to stand out as an innovative IT company, creating solutions that aim to do well in the world and make a real difference in people’s lives both now and in the future.

The interest regarding our industry has matured radically during this part year motivated by customer demand and needs. We are engaged by more and more institutions, including national governments, NGOs, public entities and private companies.

The instability around the world driven by rapid climate changes, wars, terror, pandemics and huge streams of refuges through Europe has led to an increased interest and need in our domain. UMS as an organization actively helps people, governments, services and corporations plan, prepare and create a more secure environment through our solutions. Our ambition as a company to help people sleep better at night, and to reach people when it matters most has never been more relevant.



Best regards,
Espen Gylvik

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