Mass Notification

Keep everyone informed - before, during and after any event.

The trusted critical event management partner for over 3700 communities and corporations across the world, now in Norway.

Everbridge provides the world’s most widely used platform for critical communications to optimize voice and SMS routing, localize language and manage contacts and groups, with more than 2 billion notifications sent in 2017.

Mass Notification

  • Intuitive messaging that can adhere to work times and locations
  • Ability to send messages within a particular area on a digital map
  • Option to send messages to specific teams or locations via SMS, email and phone

Communicate quickly and easily

  • Gather relevant stakeholders on a conference bridge
  • Intuitive user interface for effective emergency communication
  • Quick sending with message templates
  • Accurate, real-time analysis
  • Options to set up notification process that allow contacts to confirm or escalate notifications


Mass Notification

Mass Notification datasheet


Case study: Gerald Eve

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