Population Alert

Population Alert accommodates national and regional governments for critical communication purposes

Also, it accommodates private or public entities that manage smaller areas such as university campuses, football stadiums or shopping malls. The UMS Population Alert solution offers a multi-hazard, multi-channel, scalable platform that can be used by one or several disaster management agencies affiliated with governing bodies or by private entities to mitigate disaster risk by timely dissemination of accurate information.

UMS Population Alert

Reaching people when it matters most

Both natural and manmade disasters are occurring with increased frequency across the world and our technological advancements are imperative to prevent significant damage and casualties.

One of the most crucial aspects of disaster management is to make relevant information available at the right time to help people react quickly in affected areas and avoid potential threats. Through the utilisation of the most effective alert channels, the UMS Population Alert System can encompass and inform a vast number of recipients within an affected area in just a few seconds: reaching people when it matters most.

Multi-channel alerts for various disaster scenarios

The Population Alert solution can deliver multi-channel alerts for various disaster scenarios – both natural and man-made. Alert templates can be easily defined and kept ready for instantaneous broadcast during emergencies, when every second counts. The system can be easily accessed using a web browser.

More than 20 years of experience in the alerting industry has helped our company deliver more national alerting solutions than any other entity in the world. Our solutions are also used by 1200+ municipal and regional administrative bodies in several countries for their critical communication needs.

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