Group Alert

The UMS Group Alert solution is a platform suitable for enterprises and emergency response teams to manage critical and non-critical communication to a closed group of people. The solution uses a multi-channel approach to ensure efficiency in enterprises and emergency response teams in assembling and deploying staff during events.

The solution accommodates one and two-way communication intended for both planned and unplanned incidents. It is a solution that can be deployed by first responders and emergency preparedness organisations, as well as enterprises and organisations from any industry to initiate critical and non-critical communication. In the event of a disaster, the impact may be significantly reduced if emergency responders have access to updated status information about the incident. The vast capacity of UMS Group Alerting ensures that all recipients are informed instantly and simultaneously.

This is a rapid and secure solution that allows groups to be reached in an effective and standardised way. The main alert channels utilised include Voice Call, Text Message (SMS), Tetra (SDS), E-mail and Social Media, with other relevant channels also available.

Covers communication needs for any organization

UMS Group Alerting facilitates the creation of multiple groups based on organisational needs to receive specific instructions and notifications. The system administrator can create an unlimited number of users and groups and organise them in a hierarchy to facilitate the usage of the system. The solution comes with an in-built conferencing feature to serve as a single platform for all communication needs for any organisation. Privacy is always secured so that each group has access to their data only. The system is robust enough to handle any number of users who log in simultaneously.

Group Alert supports multiple languages

The system works through web interfaces and mobile applications. The system comes equipped with a phonebook that can store multiple contact information for each person. No configuration or installation is required by end users. By using predefined templates and scenarios, several groups will be notified with just a few clicks. This enables effective rescue operations in emergency situations.

Secure messaging application

Secure AppThe need for alert solutions and interaction platforms that ensure secure communication is growing rapidly. Through our partnership with Teleplan Globe, UMS - an Everbridge Company, now offers a dedicated secure messaging application for smartphones as an optional module for existing channels.
The new application is integrated into the existing group alert solution, but can also be used one-to-one (group) internally within the organization as an alternative to SMS or other unsafe third party solutions.

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