Service Alerting

UMS Service Alert System is a mass notification solution enabling both public and private utility organisations to communicate service notifications via text message, voice mail, social media and e-mail. The recipients are selected based on their registered address.

Some areas of use:

  • Emergency repairs of water pipes
  • Changes in waste collection schedules
  • Power failure
  • Reminders of property inspections and supervision

Notification Channels:

  • SMS
  • Voice messages
  • Social media
  • Push notifications for smartphones
  • E-mail

All citizens affected will receive an SMS or voice message

UMS Service Alert is designed specifically for municipalities and utility companies needing to inform affected citizens, customers and businesses in the event of a planned or unplanned execution of various services, or about unforeseen events in a defined geographical area.

Traditional alerting routines such as knocking on doors, postal services, newspaper announcements are old fashioned and ineffective when time is essential. By using these traditional methods, there is no system in place to know who has received, read and understood the information.

By using UMS Service Alert all citizens affected will receive an SMS or voice message. The recipients will receive the message simultaneously and the system can generate real-time reports of who has received it. As SMS may not reach everybody, the system can also send information by e-mail or as a voice message. With just a few clicks in the system, one ensures that as many people as possible receive important information.

Patented congestion control technology

The system makes use of UMS’ patented congestion control technology to avoid network bottlenecks that can happen during large scale events. It can broadcast thousands of messages per minute and facilitates two-way communication through responses from all channels.

In today’s society, consumers expect to be informed directly and most preferably on their phones

Councils and utility companies often experience a high volume of calls due to a shortage of information. However, the users of the system have improved their level of service and at the same time drastically reduced the time and resources needed to inform consumers during outages. Most notably, the cost for alerting is significantly reduced and the capacity for incoming calls has been relieved due to less complaints.

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