Directory Based Alerting

When the contact information of all recipients is available in a staff registry or database, our directory based alerting system can be leveraged to reach multiple groups of people in an effective and standardised way.

UMS - an Everbridge Company, offers directory based alerting through Voice message, text message (SMS), Tetra (SDS), e-mail and social media, with potential integrations with several other channels.

Depending on the organization, it might be required to send certain instructions and alert messages to specific people. The directory based alerting system satisfies such requirements by allowing the user to create multiple groups. An unlimited number of users and groups can be created, and it is also possible to organize these in a hierarchy to ensure that system use remains easy. Setup is straightforward and can be handled by a user with System Administrator rights.

The robustness of the system ensures that several users may be logged in simultaneously. Privacy will be maintained seeing that each group will only get access to their own data.

With its integration with other useful features like conference calls and IVR, directory based alerting offers a quick and secure means to assemble, direct or disperse staff present in distributed locations.

UMS’ directory based alerting solution, known as Group Alert supports multiple languages and input channels through web interfaces, mobile applications and IVR systems. The system also supports two-way communication and comes equipped with a phonebook that can store multiple contact information for each person in the system. The system does not require any configuration or installation by end users.

Recipients: Predefined, available in a company directory / address book

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