With a number of patented solutions for critical communication, UMS is established as one of the industry leaders – an industry in which demand is steadily increasing.

It is crucial that we continue to focus on innovation in order to meet the various needs of customers and the market, and to maintain the company’s position in the industry.

Innovation has been an important part of our strategy from the start. The patents and IPR strategy is the foundation for the company’s continuous efforts to create innovative solutions.

Why is innovation important to us?

Innovation is essential for us to remain an industry leader and to keep up with the competition.

The company's core business is about developing and delivering solutions that use existing public infrastructure for critical notification purposes. One example of this is the public mobile network, which is an area where we pioneered. The demands placed on a public mobile network that is required to withstand critical alerting traffic are significantly greater than the demands created by conventional network use. Accordingly, we developed technology and methodology in order to avoid network congestion and thus ensure secure and successful delivery of messages.

The need from a social perspective is to improve existing methods of alerting civilians. Traditional notification methods are struggling to deal with the complex scenarios humanity is faced with today. New, targeted notification methods make it possible for civilians to take proactive action to unforeseen events. Warnings and correct information are arguably just as essential as food and water in the event of an emergency. Again, continuous innovation is paramount to UMS - an Everbridge Company, in order to develop solutions that easily provide citizens with such information, via the most current communication channels being used.

Communication technology and its usage have changed radically over the last 10 years. Many traditional methods of communication have largely disappeared from the market in favour of new channels. Being able to adapt to both new and future technology is important and the diversity that is created opens up for a good mix of opportunities and challenges, which can only be met with an innovative approach.