Research and Development

Our most extensive innovation projects relate to research and development to allow alert systems to best utilise the telecom infrastructure.

The ability to send alerts and its reliability is closely linked to the limitations of the infrastructure. The following are some of our research and development projects that have had a significant impact on the evolution of the population alert industry.

Congestion Control (2003)

The greatest danger from using high capacity calling systems is overloading the public infrastructure. Our company was the first company to make a patented system and method to overcome this critical challenge.

Traveller Alert System (2009)

In a crisis, being able to reach and alert a civilian travelling abroad is extremely important. Using UMS Traveller Alert System [TAS], national authorities can give their citizens reliable information proactively. Our company, in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry of Norway has developed a patented system to enable the overview and alerting of civilians travelling abroad.

Location Based Alert System (2007)

There are several challenges in using mobile networks for alert purposes. Being able to locate and disseminate alerts without congestion at an acceptable speed whilst maintaining privacy was a significant achievement. We were also the first company to patent this system.

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