The robust UMS Alert platform has been designed to meet the needs of our emergency customers around the globe over the last 20 years.

In addition to multiple channels, rich functionality and two-way messaging, there are other important factors one must consider. System and data security, stability, performance, redundancy, up-time-guarantee, upgrades, handling large database, message delivery output and network control are all of paramount importance when taking a mass notification platform into use.

Some of the key features of the platforms are listed below:

  • Mode of delivery: Can be delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud or physical installation
  • Load Balance: The system tackles unlimited number of users logged in simultaneously without slowing the performance
  • Redundancy: The web server has redundancy and a twin-server backup activates if downtime occurs
  • Geo redundancy: In addition to redundancy, we have redundancy environments on multiple independent locations to ensure maximum uptime of the system
  • Congestion control: Patented technology ensures the optimized delivery of messages and prevents the telecom infrastructure from collapsing
  • Elastic search: This technology is used to handle huge databases without slowing down the performance in the system. Uploading hundreds of thousands of messages is completed in a few seconds
  • Flexibility: Individual components build the entire product stack, which allows flexibility in the usage of various components based on customer needs
  • Scalable: The architecture is based on the philosophy of plug and play, which makes integration simpler. Furthermore, the platform facilitates internal and external development
  • Multilingual: User interface supports Unicode which makes it possible to support multiple languages
  • API: Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is the basis for integration with external applications, which allows portability across various solutions. One can also integrate via Web Services

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