Location Based Alerting

UMS Location Based Alerting System allows authorities to alert people in a specific geographic area in a quick and efficient manner using location information from mobile networks.

All mobile phones in a defined area are identified using location information from mobile networks. LBAS makes real-time, dynamic alerting a reality using multiple technologies like Advanced SMS, App Notifications and Cell Broadcast.

A-SMS (Advanced SMS)
Advanced SMS is our company’s patented location SMS channel, that can alert all mobile subscribers in a specified area, including inbound visitors (typically foreign tourists) and people travelling to other countries. Location based alerting system, in conjunction with Advanced SMS allows authorities to visualise the density, distribution and total number of people in an area including nationality on a real-time basis.

This technology works by integrating the our LBAS solution with the components from telecom operators. There is no violation of privacy and details on physical location are not stored or exposed in any way as all information remains inside the operators’ networks. The LBAS component calculates which base stations affect and cover the specified area, it then finds the subscribers whose last location were on these base stations and sends the message by SMS. LBAS uses advanced load balancing and cell spreading algorithms to ensure the highest possible output of messages, without causing network overload or congestion.

Cell Broadcast
Our Cell Broadcast relays geo-referenced unidirectional text messages to all mobile phones within a targeted area. It could reach millions in seconds: our mobile technology allows for the simultaneous delivery of messages to all mobile handsets and similar devices within a designated geographical area. A cell broadcast message sent to a given area will reach all mobile handsets that have been configured to receive cell broadcast messages.

App Notifications
Alternatively, location based alert notifications can be sent to citizens who have the citizen app installed on their mobile devices, based on their current locations. Minimal information about the device (protected by an anonymised device ID) is sent to our company's servers. We alert using push services provided by Google/Apple to notify devices about potential alerts. Devices respond if they are inside the geo-fence set for the alarm and the server pushes through the actual message.

Recipients: not known to alerting authorities (only real-time information about number of mobile phones in the selected area on a map is displayed)


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