Teleplan Globe and UMS enter into a partnership agreement for developing secure communication solutions

The need for alert systems and collaboration platforms that ensure secure communication is significantly increasing. Teleplan Globe and Unified Messaging Systems (UMS) are now collaborating to provide complete and secure alerts and communications solutions both before, during and after an unexpected or planned event. Together, the companies will offer a secure integrated communication and warning solution.

UMS has a leading position in providing critical alert services, while Teleplan Globe has its cutting edge expertise in secure, mobile and operational applications. Teleplan Globe has, for a number of years, delivered these types of systems to the Norwegian Armed Forces, emergency services and several international organizations.

The companies' joint solution will help corporations easily reduce the likelihood of management and employees using unsecured communication applications in emergency situations, which in turn reduces the chance of hacking and other forms of cybercrime. Alerts can be sent to predefined communication groups for faster dissemination. Groups can also be created on an ad-hoc basis while sending alerts.

Increasing awareness around secure communication

-Secure communication is gaining awareness among organizations both internationally and in Norway. In particular, we see that big multi-national companies are fine-tuning the requirements for secure communication, and we think consciousness will only increase. In this market, we are now very well positioned,

says Espen Gylvik, CEO of UMS.

He refers to the overlapping customer groups of UMS and Teleplan Globe, and the fact that the companies' areas of expertise and products complement each other. The cooperation also provides a basis for increasing investment in product development.

-Both companies are positioned to take larger shares in both existing and new markets. The collaborative solution can ensure more efficient handling of events, as well as help to save both lives and reduce material damage,

says Dagfinn Kolstad CEO of Teleplan Globe.

Applications provided by UMS and Teleplan Globe in collaboration can ensure good information flow both in advance, during and after an event.

About the platform

Teleplan Globe's NORA platform is the starting point for the solution now coupled with UMS' systems. The platform was developed after the terrorist attack on 22nd July 2011 in close cooperation with the Norwegian police. The solution was developed to address the evident need for secure bi-directional communication, interaction, and to provide the people involved with the best possible and common situational picture.

The companies will have a system in place which will ensure that Teleplan Globe's communications services will seamlessly integrate with UMS's notification portal. A simple integration of the solutions will be in place by the first quarter.

About Teleplan Globe

Teleplan Globe AS is a Norwegian software company in the privately owned Teleplan Group, established in 1959. The company designs, develops and supplies secure, encrypted communications applications, as well as advanced maps and intelligence solutions to customers internationally and in Norway.

For more information, please contact:

Espen Gylvik, CEO of UMS ASA
Mobile: +47 913 30 644

Dagfinn Kolstad, CEO of Teleplan Globe
Mobile: +47 948 04 503

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