Yara Glomfjord strengthens their preparedness with a new and targeted notification system

Photo: Yara Glomfjord, by Edmund Ulsnæs, Mediehuset Meløy AS

Previously, Yara Glomfjord used a siren system to notify in the event of an accident on the plant. The system was expensive to run, did not provide sufficient information to those affected and the siren did not penetrate modern, well-insulated buildings to alert residents. Yara Glomfjord has therefore chosen to implement UMS’ location based alerting system. Through precise and informative SMS alerting, these systems enable instantaneous information to employees at the factory, the population of the surrounding area, as well as visitors to the area.

This technology will help the factory communicate critical information faster and at the same time provide an overview of a critical situation. Yara Glomfjord has an ambition to be innovative and wants to be among the first to adopt modern technology.

The system ensures that everyone within a defined area receives information on their mobile phones, regardless of whether they are residents or visitors in that area.

«Previously, we had a siren system to inform people on and around the plant in the event of an accident. We needed a system that informs about what exactly is happening, which is not possible with a siren system. UMS location based alerting allows us to warn about a serious incident by informing people and telling them what to do next at the same time», says Chief of Preparedness, Fire & Preparedness Department at Yara Glomfjord, Per Hagbart Frøskeland.


Advantages to using UMS notification systems


About UMS
UMS ASA (Unified Messaging Systems ASA) is a Norwegian technology company with international operations, headquartered in Oslo. The company has more than 1,200 customers worldwide reaching over 150 million people with our systems for public notifications. The company was founded in 1998 and is established as an industry leader within the area of critical communication and population alerting systems.


Facts about Yara Glomfjord
Yara Glomfjord is a chemical chapter 3 organisation (NSO) localised in Glomfjord, Meløy municipality in the north of Norway. The factory has four production units producing nitric acid, NPK fertiliser and calcium nitrate. The factory has its own harbour equipped to unload ammonia and to store, pack and load boats with complete fertiliser. Today all production based on imported raw materials arriving Glomfjord per boat Ammonia is stored in a large underground warehouse inside the mountain with a capacity of 40,000 tons of liquid ammonia, which is equivalent to three months’ fertiliser production at full capacity.

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