Molde Water and Drainage

Molde Municipality, Water and Drainage Department improve customer satisfaction by notifying citizens about outages through UMS Address Based Alerting System (ABAS). On a digital map, authorities can identify affected areas and send notifications to relevant recipients.


Traditional communication often takes days of planning and execution. It is also uncertain if affected people have read the notifications. In order to reduce the effort in notifying citizens regarding outages, Molde municipality chose to partner with UMS. The Address Based Alerting System has up-to-date contact information of citizens and businesses in a given area and allows authorities to send text messages to mobile phones and voice messages to fixed phone lines. Text and voice messages are also cost effective compared to traditional methods.

Molde is a city and a municipality on the northwest coast of Norway. Molde municipality has a population of about 26,000 and is responsible for the supply of water to all of its citizens. In Norway citizens enjoy excellent quality water straight from the tap and the public grid of water pipes has a massive need for maintenance and upgrades in order to maintain this quality. The municipalities are obliged by law to alert citizens when planned and unplanned outages occur.

Molde municipality chose UMS Address Bases Alerting

Text and voice messages have a higher success rate and significantly reduces the effort spent to reach out to citizens. Approximately 90% of affected people receive alerts within minutes. Detailed delivery reports provided by the solution allows authorities to ascertain the success rate and plan for the next course of actions. With ABAS, pre-defined alert and notification templates can be created, ensuring dissemination take only a matter of minutes.

With address based alerting from UMS, Molde Municipality can send SMS or voice messages to inform about planned water outages. If an unplanned water outage occurs, they can immediately send out a message by SMS or by voice message to the affected customers. By informing the residents, Molde municipality benefits from much higher customer satisfaction and fewer complaints.


Using our solution, 90% of affected citizens are on average notified about an incident. When an unplanned outage occurs, the municipality saves a considerable amount of time alerting the affected populace regarding urgent problems with water. This is crucial when for instance there is an incident related to water being contaminated. In such cases, a quick warning to the population can prevent illness and in severe situations, death.Address based alerting saves time for everyone, it conserves money for Molde municipality.

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"UMS has successfully completed a multi-channel public alerting project for the authority of Molde municipality in the year 2013. I recommend UMS without reservation."
Bjarte Koppen, Chief of Water and Drainage Department,
Molde Municipality, Norway

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