Rising temperatures driven by global warming, combined with natural variability of the climate, lead to a greater chance of natural disasters.

In addition; there has been an increase in extremist threats and incidents around the world. Countries and citizens do not seem fully prepared to manage such circumstances.

These serious issues are influencing the lives of citizens. More and more people live in fear of new incidents and the lingering impacts.

UMS - an Everbridge Company, provide alert solutions that enable both public and private entities to communicate with citizens through various channels before, during and after both unexpected and scheduled events. The company uses multiple technologies to leverage existing infrastructure of telecom operators when sending critical messages.

Our solutions can help saving lives

Our solutions can help saving lives and reduce damage to property, by providing important information for the right people, through the right channels and at the right time. The mobile phone is currently the most frequently used communication channel worldwide, and is therefore the most effective platform to inform and warn people.

We develop and deliver solutions with a wish to reach people when it matters most and has customers in countries ranging from well-developed industrial countries to developing countries in need of support. The company has a wish to reinforce its culture by being a responsible corporation and seeks to collaborate with UNISDR and other global partners towards countries with urgent needs and struggling economies.

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