National Alert

With national level systems in Sweden, Singapore, Iceland, Netherlands, Greece and Cambodia, UMS - an Everbridge Company, has delivered more national alert systems than any other entity in the world.

The Population Alert System is built for scalability, providing alerting channels such as location-SMS and cell broadcast to reach very large numbers of people during disaster situations.

Natural calimities

Most countries in the world have defined and expanded their disaster management mandate in the last few decades due to the increased frequency and variability of disasters. Through advancement in technology, it is now possible to identify and prepare for natural calamities with more accuracy than ever before in human history. Technologies such as location based alerting allow authorities to reach out to a large number of people located in a hazardous area at a given time without the need to have their contact information beforehand.

Population Alert Flow Chart

User-friendly alert system

UMS’ National Alert solution brings together several alerting technologies and channels under a single platform to help authorities to deliver critical alerts during emergencies. The system provides easy-to-use features to ensure reduced complications in the face of disaster.

UMS’ 20+ years in the alerting industry has led to several groundbreaking innovations that greatly reduce the impact of common public alerting issues like network congestion and message delivery failure.


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