Address Based Alerting

Address based alerting (ABAS) is built on predefined geocoded addresses. Using UMS’ alert system, authorities define affected areas on maps and send text or voice messages or app notifications, to those citizens whose addresses are within the defined area.


This technology can broadcast thousands of messages per minute and facilitates quick, two-way communication when the target audience is known. It can be used to disseminate alerts using multiple channels such as voice & text messages, notifications to smartphones, e-mail, etc.

The system allows recipients to send back responses to voice messages, SMS or app notifications. Replies are plotted onto a map to visualise and assist emergency responders to determine the number of citizens in various locations. The user of the system can select different response criteria, for example all those in need of assisted evacuation. This aids in planning rescue operations by providing a clear overview of the situation in real-time, optimising the efficiency of resource allocation.

The geo-coded databases are kept up-to-date through integration with national citizen registers. Additionally, registration portals for citizens and business entities, also known as CDM, can be used. All addresses are tagged to a set of latitude-longitude co-ordinates for visualisation on a map while sending alerts or notifications.

The system makes use of our Company’s patented congestion control technology to avoid network bottlenecks that can happen during disasters.

Recipients: Predefined through geocoded database


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