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From post-it to App – UMS invents a new system to update the waste disposal industry. Service Alert and a connected route guidance application are now used by the employees of the Trondheim Utility Company (TRV). The route guidance application enables direct messages between drivers and the administration office for specific messages to and from drivers.


UMS has developed an app for Trondheim Utility Company (TRV) enabling the head office to communicate with garbage trucks in real time. The message on the driver’s side is both displayed as text in an inbox and is spoken by the App to ensure traffic safety. Customers can also find out when a truck is due by using the new app.

The system includes national databases containing residential and contact information. Through this system TRV is able to send voice calls and SMS to inhabitants for collection reminders, changes in routes or pick up days caused by events such as public holidays or to promote recycling campaigns etc.

The challenge for Trondheim Utility Company:

  1. Ensure that waste is sorted correctly by households.
  2. Encourage dangerous waste to be placed correctly in red boxes.
  3. Give the waste collectors an easier working day through updated routes and pick up points as well as the provision of general information needed when driving with the ability to store notes on addresses or roads.

To make everyday life simpler

Above all the new system makes it simpler for the user to plan and collect the various waste categories in the municipality. The service alert solution enables the citizens of Trondheim to be informed when the next garbage truck is due or if there are any changes in the collection calendar.

Everyday proceedings are made easier for the drivers, who may use the app at any time to download a time schedule and to find out which route to take. Messages that were earlier called in from the driver to the administration and taken down on post-it notes are now passed on immediately through the new system. Consequently, the administration, the driver and the customer will now communicate with each other in a far simpler and more direct way. The administration may also follow the truck in real time to see when the driver has started on his route and which areas and houses have had their bins emptied and will keep a running update on where and when garbage has been removed. Regulations, routines, and internal information that earlier were passed down by word of mouth can now be made available via the app.

Our innovative technology has simply made the waste management industry in Trondheim much more efficient. If there is a problem, they’ll send a message to households about it. The use of this new system has significantly reduced the time spent on planning routes and administration - time has been reduced from two persons working five hours every day to a total of 30 minutes per week.

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