NL Alert: Public Warning System i Nederland

UMS deployed the Dutch Ministry’s Next Generation of Public Warning System.


Founded in 1798, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom relations is one of the 13 ministries that make up the Dutch Central Government and is comprised of over 3.000 civil servants in addition to the Minister and State Secretary. Its activities include upholding the constitution, guaranteeing the rule of law and ensuring public order and safety. The public safety function of the Ministry is carried out by the Directorate of Safety and Security and the Department of National Security, including the National Crisis Centre (the NCC). Located in The Hague, the NCC has been designed to serve as a national hub for crisis management, ensuring that the country has the capability to react quickly and decisively in the event of large-scale public safety events.


With public safety at the top of any government’s agenda, the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, realised that a modern public warning system was essential for the safety of its citizens. With UMS’ Multi Channel Alert and Notification System, it found a solution that met all of its requirements.

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