Copenhagen Metro

Charged with the operation and expansion of Copenhagen Metro, Metroselskabet informs citizens of plans, extended working hours, extended noise and special transportation. UMS Address Based Alerting allows Metroselskabet to communicate through multiple channels.


Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has required the expansion of its existing metro infrastructure to meet growing demands. The expansion of metro services not only affects existing routes and services, but also people living near the affected lines. The authorities at Metroselskabet needed a novel system that allowed them to inform residents near the construction sites regarding plans, extended working hours, increased noise and special transportation that might affect normal conditions.

UMS address based alerting solved the needs of Metroselskabet

The solution proposed by UMS allows the use of multiple alert channels, such as SMS and voice messages, to send precise information to affected citizens. Citizens who do not wish to receive updates may choose to unsubscribe. Address based alerts enable institutions to select affected areas on a digital map and send voice and SMS alerts to all recipients who reside in these areas. It is also possible to resend alerts quickly for situational updates or to those who have not read or received the message.

Results: The system disseminates 500 - 3,000 messages on an average during any announcement that needs to be made, with most of the messages being delivered within the first minute. This gives neighbours and other affected citizens ample time to make any necessary arrangements.

The UMS solution fitted Metroselskabet's needs

UMS’ Address Based Alerting solution matched the requirements of Metroselskabet and offered a simple approach to achieving their goals. The solution has been deployed using a Software as a Service model, allowing the administration at Metroselskabet to use the solution without the hassle of hardware setup and maintenance. UMS offers alert templates which provide the option of creating predefined alert areas and messages for rapid dissemination. Through the citizen portal, all citizens can register or update their contact information and choose multiple areas from where they can receive alerts and notifications.

Preparedness reduces the impression

Preparedness and accurate information reduce the impact of service disruptions. Metroselskabet needed a novel system and UMS’ Address Based Alerting solution has enabled them to carry out their expansion work with higher tolerance and respect from their neighbours with minimal additional effort.

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