Herøya Industrial Preparedness

When calling in personnel, Herøya Industrial Preparedness used a very expensive system with insufficient phone lines, and the process of calling rescue workers was too slow. With UMS Group Alert System they moved to a modern, efficient and price effective solution.


Herøya Industrial Park (HIP) was established by Hydro in 1928-1929 as a site for the production of fertilisers on the south east coast of Norway. Since then the area has undergone substantial change from being a purely Hydro production site to its current status as an open industrial park with 80 businesses, employing a total of 2.500. HIP has established its own rescue operation, Herøya Industrial Preparedness, to support the local fire and police departments. This operation has 40 employees with its own control room, fire truck, fire fighters, smoke divers and medical staff. In an emergency situation the personnel on watch in the control room have to quickly assemble relevant rescue workers.

Voice messages for urgent messages

Voice messages is the primary channel for urgent “call-in-the troops” messages. The employees must respond to the voice message if they are available for the assignment. With the previous solution, Herøya Industrial Preparedness was charged for the number of telephone lines available to them. As the charge per line was high it was chosen to have fewer lines available, making the process of calling rescue workers very slow. After exploring better and more efficient methods to assemble personnel, Herøya Industrial Preparedness chose UMS and our Group Alert solution. The new system requires no maintenance on the client’s side and provides a capacity roughly 100 times higher than the former solution.

Using the Group Alert System to assemble personnel

The UMS Group Alert solution was implemented in 2007. It permits Herøya Industrial Preparedness to organise their contact directory in role based hierarchies and also to create an unlimited number of contact groups. The system’s web based interface is easy to use and allows authorities to quickly disseminate alerts. A “ScenarioFront” feature ensure quick dissemination of alerts through creating multiple scenarios and predefined alert messages.

With the UMS Group Alert System, Herøya Industrial Preparedness moved from an inefficient and costly system to a modern, efficient and price effective solution. They can now assemble personnel within a short time for an emergency and feel safer that technology will help in a precise manner.

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